Vertical-axis wind turbine as an alternative

Compared to the common horizontal-axis wind turbine, for some people a vertical-axis wind turbine (VAWT) is an alternative that is more environmentally friendly. It causes less noise and it is also less dangerous to birds. Due to some disadvantadges, such as the problem of fatigue in the blades, VAWTs are usually only applied in smaller scales.

First prototypes of a big scale VAWT “Vertical Sky” (750 kW power, 150 m height) are now running in NRW. Our CEO, Holger Lange, thinks that such wind turbines may not be a standard for the main power supply system, but it has the potential for companies or public facilities to have an independent power supply, and this is at least a contribution for our environment.

Find out more about this topic in the recent podcast on Bayern 2. (Podcast in German)