We say “Happy Birthday”! A big thank you to everyone we’ve had the pleasure of sharing the last 20 years with!

We say "Happy Birthday"! A big thank you to everyone we've had the pleasure of sharing the last 20 years with! 1

Happy birthday! In all the turbulent years in this industry with its ups and downs, we have never let ourselves be deterred from our course. Our goal of creating a regenerative future by further development of the key technology wind power gave and gives us the motivation to do our work with enthusiasm every day. What … Read more

Research project: Design concept for oscillating rolling bearings

Research project: Design concept for oscillating rolling bearings 2

The steadily increasing demand for renewable energies requires constant further development of the respective green and clean generation technologies. For wind power, this represents a major challenge in the area of research and development in a wide variety of subsectors. Specifically for wind power, this means stronger outputs, rising towers and larger rotors, while at … Read more

Presentation: development of ressource-saving wind turbine towers

On August 28th, 2020, our CEO Prof. Dr. Holger Lange gave a talk about the development of ressource-saving wind turbine towers on the 12th “Branchentag Windenergie NRW”. The motivation is based on the climate change, with temperature anomalies that keep increasing over the last years. It is also known that the production of concrete, steel, … Read more

Cooperation between Invers Industrievermessung & Systeme and P. E. Concepts

Cooperation between Invers Industrievermessung & Systeme and P. E. Concepts 3

On December 11th, 2020 P.E. Concepts GmbH and Invers- Industrievermessung & Systeme actively started their joint project. The two companies worked on a fun ride measuring project together and so far the progress looks successful. The project deals with the technical documentation as well as a partial verification of an existing fun ride (“Wilde Maus”) … Read more

PEC Quartet Giveaway 2020: Winner Announcement

We hope you had an amazing week during the Wind Energy Hamburg exhibition. These are the winners of our giveaway: Riddle #1: Ilmaniah Askar Riddle #2: Hussein Ali Riddle #3: AbdulHafeez Omotosho Riddle #4: Misghina Russom Please check your LinkedIn inbox for details to claim your prize!

PEC Quartet Giveaway 2020

On December 1st to 4th, 2020 the biannual Wind Energy Hamburg goes digital! Unfortunately, this year we cannot take part as an exhibitor, but because we always take delight in this big event, we would like to enliven the joy by hosting a giveaway! Read further for the terms and conditions of the giveaway. The … Read more

The prospect of wooden towers for wind turbine

In the past years there have been several developments of wind turbine tower made of wood, which may be lower in price, more climate friendly, and more flexible in the construction and transport. Though none of them ever made it to the market after the prototype stage. Our CEO Holger Lange says that most companies … Read more

Approach for peel stress prediction in adhesive joint of blades

It is important to estimate the peel stress in the adhesive joint in the trailing edge of wind turbine blades as it is subject to a fatigue loading. In finite-element-analysis, this joint is often modeled with solid elements connected with the shell elements of the blade. However, the stiffness discontinuity in this edge leads to … Read more

Vertical-axis wind turbine as an alternative

Compared to the common horizontal-axis wind turbine, for some people a vertical-axis wind turbine (VAWT) is an alternative that is more environmentally friendly. It causes less noise and it is also less dangerous to birds. Due to some disadvantadges, such as the problem of fatigue in the blades, VAWTs are usually only applied in smaller … Read more

Impact of blade shape distortion during manufacturing process

During the manufacturing process of blades for wind turbines, the shape may distort and thus there is a deviation from the designed target shape. What is the impact of this distortion on the turbine loads and the energy yield? Malo Rosemeier (IWES) and Matthias Saathoff (PEC) simulated two different models to analyze this issue. The … Read more