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'Cause every kilowatt hour counts

The current contradiction between the politically demanded expansion figures and the simultaneous limitation of the available areas poses enormous challenges for the wind industry. In addition to the intensive efforts of the industry to develop more efficient and more powerful turbines, the demands on project developers and operators of wind farms are increasing:

  • How can I ensure maximum energy yield given constrained spaces?
  • Can I expand my existing wind farm with additional turbines without further ado?
  • Can I continue to operate my plants after the end of the designed lifetime?

Due to the decreasing subsidies for wind farm projects and the resulting price pressure on the power exchanges, an optimal wind farm evaluation and optimization is the key to increasing the overall economic success.

We as a consulting engineering office want to provide you a comprehensive offer to get the maximum return from your project – from planning and approval to end-of-life!

With years of experience in dealing with modern load simulation methods and the possibilities of modeling different types of turbines, we are able to make statements quickly and cost-efficiently, to provide required documentation and to lead your wind farm project to fast and sustainable success.

With modern engineering, we have already optimized the operation
of wind turbines in many projects:

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Wind conditions

We simulate the location

In the early stages of project planning the design of wind farm layouts and the preparation of expert reports are complex and time-consuming. Our aim is to minimize waiting times and to provide a basis for decision making even the most dynamic projects.

Often, quick statements on wind, energy yield or site-related losses are required – the preparation of a detailed expert opinion can take considerable time.

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The planning of the wind farm layout is also a flowing process that goes through many iterations until the layout is finally defined. We see ourselves as consultants for our customers at this point. Through a pragmatic and efficient approach, we are able to react flexibly to enquiries and provide quick answers without having to prepare complete expert reports.

It is also always worthwile, with the relevant information at the right moment, to take the right steps regarding structural integrity issues like turbulence or operating restrictions early on.

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Energy yield, generated with WindPRO 3.4

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Lifetime Extension

It still works

After the end of the design lifetime, existing plants are shut down, although there are often considerable reserves still available. We enable you to extend operation.

We examine how many years a plant can continue to be operated at its location (analytical part of the continued operation assessment). If the results turn out to guarantee a safe extension of operation, we cooperate with our strong partners in the field of inspection and service (accredited according to DIN EN ISO 17020 or comparable) to prepare all necessary documents required for building authorities.

What benefits do we offer?

  • Calculation of the remaining useful lifetime of the wind turbine for all turbine types
  • Cooperation with building authorities and inspection offices: we obtain the approval
  • We work quickly and flexibly: We deliver needed information within 14 days

Steps to the goal

We accompany our clients through the decision-making process and can provide a quick basis for your decision process by applying modern methods and industry standards or maximizing the possible period of continued operation by more precise calculations.

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Site and Loads 12 Agreement of customer requirements and collection of required data
Site and Loads 13 Evaluation of site conditions and creation of a solution concept
Site and Loads 14 Analytical part for the assessment of lifetime extension
Site and Loads 15 Identification of critical components
Site and Loads 16 Practical part for the assessment of lifetime extension
Site and Loads 17 Preparation of the documents required for the extended operation
Site and Loads 18 Successful lifetime extension!


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lifetime extension

Lifetime forecast App

Check in the potential lifetime extension of your wind turbine. Based on our project experience, we have developed a model to forecast the results of the analytical assessment.

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Load calculation

When it gets really turbulent

Due to decreasing rotor distances, the planning of new wind turbines often results in certain design values, e.g. turbulence intensities, being exceeded in existing turbines. Sectorial operating restrictions are a potential consequence, which in turn can lead to considerable yield losses. With decades of experience in the field of load calculations for wind turbines and modern simulation technology, we can check whether the bearing capacity of the affected turbines is at risk. Often, measures to protect the affected turbines can be avoided without endangering their stability.

Expertise and experience

With decades of experience in the development of wind turbines – load simulation, design, calculation and highly interdisciplinary work, from the determination of wind potential to mechanical engineering and structural engineering subjects such as the load calculation of wind turbines and modern simulation technology, we can check whether the bearing capacity of the turbines concerned is at risk.

Often, measures to protect these plants can be avoided without endangering their stability. We have a uniform view of possible solutions.

What benefits do we offer?

  • Avoidance of operating restrictions: assessment for existing WTGs always possible
  • Evaluation of different options and optimisation already during the financing of the windpark
  • We work quickly and flexible: we deliver a basis for your decision within 14 days
  • Close cooperation with turbulence assessors: we take care of a successful approval process
  • No dependency on a specific manufacturer: we evaluate all types of turbines
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Our calculation methods

The assessment of site suitability is carried out by comparing certain wind and site parameters with those assumed in the design of the wind turbine.

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If individual values are exceeded at the site, further consideration is required. In the case of newly planned plant types that may not yet be type-certified, this is done by the manufacturer of the plant. Evaluating the impact on other plants at the site is often difficult, especially if the manufacturer of the affected plant no longer exists on the market. Based on the past 20 years, we have already been able to convert and use many of these plants in our own models. Furthermore, we are able to create and use our own models in a way that is suitable for testing:

Based on the information available to us, we set up a simulation model of the plant that allows us to evaluate the fatigue reserves of the critical plant components in different load situations. This allows us to investigate for each component whether the stability of the entire plant is actually at risk, or whether exceeding individual design parameters in a particular situation is not problematic.


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load calculation

Proof of stability

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further infos

While the park planning is still in the optimisation process, the project planner has to quickly take many decisions. After we have received all the necessary information, we can, on request, provide a calculation result after a maximum of 14 days.


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further Infos

After the preliminary calculation, we can either make further optimizations to increase the overall performance of the turbines in the park or document the result already available in the short term. We attach great importance to comprehensible documentation in order to make the cooperation with turbulence experts and the responsible building authorities as smooth as possible.