Historical Data

The following list gives a glimpse into our success story.

Wind Energy


TypeNumberRated power WECHub height WECRemark
Tubular steel towers500+up to 7.0 MWup to 130 malso soft towers
Lattice towers15+up to 3.2 MWup to 160 malso hybrid towers and lattice towers for radar units
Concrete towers5+up to 2.5 MWup to 140 malso hybrid towers
Steel shell towers5+up to 3.2 MWup to 140 malso fragmented towers
Tower internals20+up to 3.2 MWup to 140 m 

Lifetime Extension and Continued Operation

Type of projectNumber of WECsNumber of WEC typesNumber of sites
Analytical verification for Life Time Extension100+30+50+
Proof of stability10+5+5+
Load monitoring5+5+5+

Machine and Turbine Design

Type of projectNumberDescription
Complete turbine design4rated power up to 2.3 MW, hub height 40 m, IEC S, mechanical and structural design and calculation of all mechanical and structural components
Calculation of structural components and connections10+e. g. hub, main frame, bearings, for WECs with rated power up to 3.0 MW
Drive train analyses5+e. g. dynamic analyses or caluclation of generator air gap
Pitch bearings5+static and dynamic calculation incl. service life analysis, for WECs with rated power up to 2.5 MW
Yaw bearings5+static and dynamic calculation, for WECs with rated power up to 2.5 MW

Load Simulation

Type of projectNumberDescription
Load simulation on- and offshore15+for certification according to GL 2010, IEC 61400-1 Ed. 2 and Ed. 3 (onshore only), for pre-design, optimization, verification of calculations, …

Amusement Rides


Type of projectNumberDescription
Feasibility study5+simulation of the dynamic behavior, calculation of accelerations and loads for pre-design
Load simulation5+modelling and dynamic simulation, evaluation of loads for calculation according to EN 13814


Type of projectNumberDescription
Calculation of complete rides10+for the certification according to EN 13814, ASTM F2291-18, GB 8408
Calculation and optimization of individual components20+for the certification according to EN 13814, ASTM F2291-18, GB 8408

Civil Engineering


Type of projectNumberDiameterHeight
Pre-design50+up to 40 mup to 20 m
Complete structural analysis40+up to 35 mup to 30 m