Amusement Rides Design

We have fun - but safely!

All of us were thrilled by amusement rides at one point. For some, it is all about the adrenaline rush in the wildest roller coasters, the others get carried away into strange worlds by multimedia attractions.

At the same time, we trust in the diligence and aptitude of the engineers in amusement rides design that make these machines possible and also safe to use. To meet these expectations, we do not only require a lot of expertise in design and analysis, but also interdisciplinary thinking, creativity and good project management, because every amusement ride is an entirely new challenge for the designer.

What benefits do we offer you?

  • the entire spectrum of engineering services in structural design and simulation, from the feasibility study up to certification
  • an interdisciplinary team, creative solutions and an eye for optimization potentials
  • a smooth certification process and a certain certification anywhere in the world (e. g. according to EN 13814, GB 8408 or ASTM F2291)
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Lorenz Meesenburg


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Great ideas? We make them possible!

With great innovative power, our customers conceive new amusement rides again and again. In the beginning they are often nothing more than a small idea that has to be checked for its feasibility. For our customers, we employ advanced simulation technology to assess how these ideas can be realized. Our interdisciplinary thinking allows us to focus the implementation in a mechanical design as well as the certification of the system early and put the development on the right track for success.

What benefits do we offer you?

  • evaluation of all possible systems, assessment of feasibility and identification of operational boundaries
  • simulation of ride sequences, accelerations or loads
  • consideration of control and safety systems early in the design
  • pre-design of structures for detailed mechanical design
  • consulting for a cost-effective design and a smooth certification
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Lorenz Meesenburg


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Simulation without borders

The inventiveness of our customers knows no boundaries – every amusement rise brings unique challenges in the development. To face these diverse challenges, we use advanced multi-body simulation software for the simulation of the rides. Here, we can go into any desired level of detail to define safety requirements and allow for a cost-efficient structural design.

What benefits do we offer you?

  • flexible modelling of any conceivable mechanical system
  • consideration of the flexibility (elasticity) of structural components possible
  • coupling of the simulation with the ride controls, e. g. hydraulic actuators, electrical drives and safety devices
  • translation of the behavior of the ride into assumptions suitable for the design of components according to standards
  • we bring the ride securely through certification
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Lorenz Meesenburg


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Design Analysis

With joy through the certification

Amusement rides are sold throughout the world. In the many different locations, there are also many different requirements regarding the stress analysis of structural and machinery components of the rides that are determined by local standards. We have gathered experience with these different standards in many projects and can deal with these requirements flexibly. With our interdisciplinary team of civil and mechanical engineers, we have access to state-of-the-art analysis methods. We find potentials for optimization in the analysis and directly provide suggestions for design improvements to our customers when we find them.

What benefits do we offer you?

  • stress analysis for structural and machinery components of any kind
  • load assumptions and strength calculations according to established standards, e.g. EN 13814, GB 8408 or ASTM F2291
  • identification of potentials for optimization and suggestions for design improvement to reduce costs
  • a smooth certification process and a secure certification
Load sequence of a track section of a rollercoaster
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Thomas Gebauer

Mechanical Structures

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