Cooperation between Invers Industrievermessung & Systeme and P. E. Concepts

On December 11th, 2020 P.E. Concepts GmbH and Invers- Industrievermessung & Systeme actively started their joint project. The two companies worked on a fun ride measuring project together and so far the progress looks successful. The project deals with the technical documentation as well as a partial verification of an existing fun ride (“Wilde Maus”) which is subject to certification.

Cooperation between Invers Industrievermessung & Systeme and P. E. Concepts 1

As an established measuring company, Invers’ contribution included providing the necessary instruments and comprehensive know-how in the field of measurement technology. Particularly Invers provided a 3D laser scan which makes it possible to measure objects up to a range of 350 meters with an accuracy of ± 1 mm on 25 meters.  Furthermore, the environment to be measured is realistically displayed with high-resolution photos. Thus even a digital tour is made possible with this instrument.

As an established company in the fun rides industry, P. E. Concepts subsequently took over the evaluation of the measurement data, as well as the technical documentation of the ride . “The 3D scan offers the possibility of capturing these complex structures accurately and easily, which will make it no longer a problem to modify rides and to create construction books. Digitization offers many new possibilities here, and in the future we may even think about a ‘digital twin’.” – Prof. Dr. H. Lange, CEO of P. E. Concepts GmbH

Based on the successful cooperation, Invers and P. E. Concepts hope for further collaborations. “The cooperation of P.E. Concepts and Invers is a successful symbiosis, in which the expert knowledge of geometry acquisition and the analysis of data intertwine in an optimal way.” – D. Woytowicz, Managing Director Invers – Industrial Surveying & Systems