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Who we are, what we stand for

We are a dynamic team of engineering consultants from different fields of expertise. Our core competences are civil and mechanical engineering. We solve problems with commitment and passion. We work with 40 colleagues located in Essen, Bremen and Hamburg.

We consider ourselves to be problem solvers. We approach the ever-changing challenges facing us with agility and creativity. We want to spearhead the technical development in our core competences and thus create added value for our customers.

To continuously improve our services, we conduct research projects together with partners in industry and science. We are also part of different standard committees and working groups to be able to closely follow new developments and let the industry participate in our knowledge as well.

Our services

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Tower Design

Wind Turbine

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Site and Loads

Wind Turbines

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Our ideals

We strive to work according to our ideals and values despite the oftentimes volatile market environments in which we move. We work solution-orientedly and reliably and live collegiality and professionality at all levels.

A high quality of service and smooth external and internal communication are key for the sustainable success of a business. Our certified quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015 is an important building block to ensure this.

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PEC as engineering consultant – seeing and using potentials

To design competitive products today, you need to be perfectly prepared in the development as well as upstream and downstream processes. Mere expertise is a necessary condition, but is no longer sufficient on its own. Understanding of systems is much more important, and that applies to product and process the same.

We were allowed to see the problem-solving strategies of many organizations through close cooperation. We found that companies employ top-level specialists and possess enormous innovative power, but often do not make optimal use of their potentials. As consultants with technical know-how, we see these unused potentials and can find solutions from an objective and unbiased perspective.

To make technical innovations effective, they do not only have to be thought out and developed on an operative level. It is critical for the success of such developments that the management comprehends the added value so that the development is also promoted on the management level.

The best ideas often sound crazy at first. To be able to correctly assess potentials and use them subsequently, competence and technical know-how have to coincide. Together with the customer, we can find ways to bring their organization on the right track to enable this.

You can find us here:

Essen Office (Headquarters)

Kruppstraße 82-100
45145 Essen

+49 (0)201 83916 0

Bremen Office

Wiener Straße 5
Im BITZ (Designhaus)
28359 Bremen

+49 (0)201 83916 0

Hamburg Office

Wendenstraße 130
Schokoladenfabrik, Eingang D, Loft 219
20537 Hamburg

+49 (0)201 83916 0