Wind conditions

We simulate the location

In the early stages of project planning the design of wind farm layouts and the preparation of expert reports are complex and time-consuming. Our aim is to minimize waiting times and to provide a basis for decision making even the most dynamic projects.

Often, quick statements on wind, energy yield or site-related losses are required – the preparation of a detailed expert opinion can take considerable time.

The planning of the wind farm layout is also a flowing process that goes through many iterations until the layout is finally defined. We see ourselves as consultants for our customers at this point. Through a pragmatic and efficient approach, we are able to react flexibly to enquiries and provide quick answers without having to prepare complete expert reports.

It is also always worthwile, with the relevant information at the right moment, to take the right steps regarding structural integrity issues like turbulence or operating restrictions early on.

Wind conditions 1
Wind conditions 2
Energy yield, generated with WindPRO 3.4