Stress-based method for lifetime extension of wind turbines

The calculation of the remaining lifetime of wind turbines is today often based on a comparison of loads. Here, we have to make many assumptions. How can the state-of-the-art methods be improved in such a way that the results are more reliable and not excessively conservative? We teamed up again with Fraunhofer Institute for Wind … Read more

Journal for small wind turbine enthusiasts

We work mainly with bigger wind turbines, but micro wind is also an exciting topic to us. They are small and the market development slow, but their potential is big and the opportunities remain promising. Check out the new journal on small wind released by E&M (Energie und Management) to be updated on this topic, … Read more

PE-Load User Guide online!

The User Guide for our load simulation management software PE-Load is now freely accessible online! The User Guide explains the two program modules PE-Load Prep and PE-Load Post in detail and gives users and interested persons a glimpse of the functions of PE-Load as well as the ideas behind its development – PE-Load has a … Read more

PEC on the 12th “Branchentag Windenergie NRW” on August 27 & 28, 2020

The event “Branchentag Windenergie NRW” has been a place for sharing knowledge in the renewable energy sector. Various topics are discussed in workshops and lectures during the two-day conference, which will take place on August 27th and 28th in Gelsenkirchen this year. Our CEO Prof. Dr. Holger Lange will give a talk about the development … Read more

Green Energy for Local Community

Did you know? In PEC our team strives to contribute to environmental sustainability, both at and outside work. We use green energy in our offices, many of our employees ride their bike to work, and our CEO Holger Lange takes part in running two wind turbines to provide green energy for the local community. What … Read more

Rotor blade extension or lifetime extension?

Sharing knowledge means multiplying knowledge – That is what we were looking for when we teamed up with Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy Systems to exchange our know-how on the lifetime extension of wind turbines with their knowledge on rotor blades. We investigated the interaction between rotor blade extensions (RBE) and lifetime extension of wind … Read more

DMS 200 kW Wind Turbine Performing!

축하합니다 – Congratulations! Awesome news from our South Korean customer DMS Co. Ltd.! The prototype of the 200 kW wind turbine for which PEC did the structural design and simulations has been running for over a year now with a great track record: the availability it close to 100 % and the capacity factor is … Read more

Happy Birthday PEC!

On February 1st this year we just turned 18 years old! Now are we considered an “adult” company? Anyway, let us virtually blow a candle for PEC, make a wish, and look forward to great success in the future!