Lifetime Extension

It still works

After the end of the design lifetime, existing plants are shut down, although there are often considerable reserves still available. We enable you to extend operation.

We examine how many years a plant can continue to be operated at its location (analytical part of the continued operation assessment). If the results turn out to guarantee a safe extension of operation, we cooperate with our strong partners in the field of inspection and service (accredited according to DIN EN ISO 17020 or comparable) to prepare all necessary documents required for building authorities.

What benefits do we offer?

  • Calculation of the remaining useful lifetime of the wind turbine for all turbine types
  • Cooperation with building authorities and inspection offices: we obtain the approval
  • We work quickly and flexibly: We deliver needed information within 14 days
lifetime extension

Steps to the goal

We accompany our clients through the decision-making process and can provide a quick basis for your decision process by applying modern methods and industry standards or maximizing the possible period of continued operation by more precise calculations.

Know more about it...

Lifetime Extension 1 Agreement of customer requirements and collection of required data
Lifetime Extension 2 Evaluation of site conditions and creation of a solution concept
Lifetime Extension 3 Analytical part for the assessment of lifetime extension
Lifetime Extension 4 Identification of critical components
Lifetime Extension 5 Practical part for the assessment of lifetime extension
Lifetime Extension 6 Preparation of the documents required for the extended operation
Lifetime Extension 7 Successful lifetime extension!


Lifetime forecast App

Check in the potential lifetime extension of your wind turbine. Based on our project experience, we have developed a model to forecast the results of the analytical assessment.

Lifetime Extension 8