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'Cause every kilowatt hour counts

The current contradiction between the politically demanded expansion figures and the simultaneous limitation of the available areas poses enormous challenges for the wind industry. In addition to the intensive efforts of the industry to develop more efficient and more powerful turbines, the demands on project developers and operators of wind farms are increasing:

  • How can I ensure maximum energy yield given constrained spaces?
  • Can I expand my existing wind farm with additional turbines without further ado?
  • Can I continue to operate my plants after the end of the designed lifetime?

Due to the decreasing subsidies for wind farm projects and the resulting price pressure on the power exchanges, an optimal wind farm evaluation and optimization is the key to increasing the overall economic success.

We as a consulting engineering office want to provide you a comprehensive offer to get the maximum return from your project – from planning and approval to end-of-life!

With years of experience in dealing with modern load simulation methods and the possibilities of modeling different types of turbines, we are able to make statements quickly and cost-efficiently, to provide required documentation and to lead your wind farm project to fast and sustainable success.

With modern engineering, we have already optimized the operation
of wind turbines in many projects:

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Matthias Saathoff

Load Simulation &
Lifetime Extension